Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should my child take this class?

A: We created this program for students who have an interest in cars. But most importantly, we created it for students who don't know yet. Our program introduces students to the field of automotive engineering.

Q: Is this class more geared towards education or fun?

A: Students will learn the basic concepts of physics and vehicle mechanics, as they relate to automotive racing. This is an after-school program, so we want it to be educational AND fun. Not boring.

Q: My child is disappointed that they are not winning any races. What do I do now?

A: Students are encouraged to problem-solve during the course. We encourage everyone to use their losses to not only learn about how their vehicle can be improved, but to be confident enough to ask questions.

Q: Where do I find information on how to upgrade my child's car?

A: During the 2nd week of class, we pass out a Mini 4WD Guidebook to every student. The guidebook contains vital information about the program (including schedule, upgrade options and rules).

Q: I purchased parts on your website. Will you install them on my child's car?

A: Yes, we will only install motors during class. Any other component will have to be installed back at our office. We will take you child's car after class and bring it back the following week.

Q: What if my child leaves their car at home on the day of class?

A: We usually have a few demo cars available for students to use; however, the batteries will be near-dead. They need to remember to bring their car to class.

Q: If my child looses or breaks their car, will Race Adventures replace it?

A: We will not replace their car. You will need to purchase a new car for them. During the 2nd class of the session, all students receive their car in perfect working condition.

Q: What happens if my child misses a class?

A: Due to the unique structure of our program and the fact it only takes place once per week, we have a no make-up policy. If we need to cancel class for any reason, all students will receive a refund credit.

Q: On rainy days, where is the class held?

A: Sometimes schools allow us to hold the class indoors if there is space available. We inform all parents of any changes, on the day of class.

Q: What are the tickets for?

A: Tickets represent points, which we call RaceBux. Each class, students earn tickets to redeem on our website for parts and additional cars. You can see your child's points when you log into our website.

Q: Why do I have to pay shipping if Race Adventures staff bring the parts to class?

A: Your shipping charge covers the handling, packing costs and/or installation of the items in your order.

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