Frequently Asked Questions


What is Mini 4WD Racing?

Tamiya Mini 4WD racing is a popular sport that was introduced in 1982. The vehicles are inexpensive, snap-together 1/32 scale model cars that appeal to children and adults just the same. Car kits are easy to assemble, objects of pride and accomplishment for children and their parents. By assembling their own cars, modifying and racing them, students gain a sense of competitiveness and creativity, lacking in many contemporary pastimes.

What is my child going to learn from this class?

Our program is designed to get kids excited about cars and racing. It is NOT designed to teach your child how to become a mechanic, scientist, or a master automotive technician. It is our hope that they will become more inclined to apply their skills to the automotive field one day. We were inspired to create this program to let students discover their own passion for vehicles on wheels, and light a fire inside them.

Do I need to purchase my child’s car kit separately?

No. The basic kit is included with registration. Students receive their vehicle on the first day of class. We provide 1 set of batteries for the students to use after they have completed their kits. Hop-up parts are available separately, and are completely optional.

Do you offer discounts for classes?

Yes. Our registration system for the after-school program will automatically apply a 10% sibling discount if you are registering 2 students from the same family. We provide scholarships on a case-by-case basis only. Proof of low income required.

Do you offer payment plans for classes?

Yes, our registration system offers a weekly payment plan at checkout, so that you do not have to pay for the entire upfront. You will be billed weekly until the session ends. There is a $10 fee for the payment plan. We do not cancel billing if you decide to withdraw from the class.

Do you prorate if we sign up late for the class?

We do not prorate the pricing for late registration. Please register before the first class, so that your child will not miss out on important activities. If for any reason you find out about the program late, we will adjust pricing on a case-by-case basis.

What is the student-to-instructor ratio?

Our target student-to-instructor ratio is 17:1. Sometimes more, sometimes less, depending on the composition of students’ age levels and abilities.

Are students grouped according to age and/or skill level?

No. Model-making skills are found at every age. We want students to learn by teaching others, so we encourage those with more creative skills to team up with those who might be more technical. We have found that a mixing of age levels makes the class more exciting and more competitive.

What is your refund policy for classes?

We have a no-refund policy. If you register for the program but decide to withdraw anytime after the first class of a session, there are no refunds. This is due to the high cost of bringing our program to a site. Some students are challenged by the building process, and this is understandable. However, we hope that parents push their children to not to simply “give up” if something seems challenging in the beginning.

What if my child looses their car or breaks a part during class?

Race Adventures does not replace broken cars or parts. Sometimes we may have spare parts available, but all students are held accountable for lost or broken cars. Students must learn the lessons of responsibility through being aware that they need to protect and maintain their vehicles.

My child’s car is slower than other students’ cars.

In stock form, all models are designed to be the same speed as others. Our staff tests and examines all students’ cars before release. There are at least 20 different factors that can make any out-of-box kit faster than another. One of the most-important lessons of the class is for students to problem solve by looking at vehicle variables, which are explained in the Mini 4WD Guidebook.

How can my child modify their car?

Parts can be purchased in our online store. Our guidebook explains some of the basic modifications that students can do. Parents are encouraged to help their child if the modifications are too complicated. There are hundreds of hop-up parts available; however, we’ve found that less is more when it comes to modding!

How does the rating system work?

Students participate in a tournament each week of class, which awards points based on the performance of their cars. Each race, students are awarded a certain number of points (1st = 11, 2nd = 4, 3rd = 1). We have found that students who are smarter with their modifications (i.e. less-is-more strategy) are more successful in the races. In many cases, students who simply take good care of their completely stock vehicles are equally successful as highly-modified vehicles that tend to fly of the track.

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